65 Years of Science at Avondale Reunion

65 Years of Science at Avondale Reunion

Celebrate with former staff and students 65 years of science at Avondale College of Higher Education.

Although “science” subjects were offered at Avondale since early days, the appearance of students Laurie Draper, Eric Magnusson and Ken Thomson in the early 1950s launched science as a study area in its own right. The three began study for their University of London Bachelor of Science degrees under Ralph Watts.

Now it’s time to remember and celebrate. Whether you taught science at Avondale or studied for the London BSc, Lab Tech/Quality Control course, BEd (Science), BSc or BSc/BTch degrees, we are anxious to welcome you back.

Presented by the School of Science and Mathematics.


Friday, October 26-Saturday, October 27


“Ways in which our science has intersected, informed, even enhanced our Christian faith”


Dr Laurie Draper (1954)
Bachelor of Science
Avondale College of Higher Education


A registration fee of $65 (Single) and $110 (Double) includes the cost of the reunion plus lunch and a banquet on Saturday. The cafeteria on the Lake Macquarie campus offers dinner on Friday for an additional $15 per person.


Dr Lynden Rogers
Head of Discipline (Science)
Faculty of Education, Business and Science
Avondale College of Higher Education
(02) 4980 2213

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