Revisioning MissionRevisioning Mission
Revisioning Mission
Revisioning Mission

Revisioning Mission

Selection of papers presented at the 1999 A H Piper Memorial Conference.

Revisioning Mission investigates a little of the impact Avondale College Graduates have had on the Church’s mission in the South Pacific Islands. This book provides an adequate biblical base for the Church’s mission and proceeds to review the past, examine the present and cast a brave look into the future of mission in the South Pacific Islands.

The writings come from a variety of minds, young and old, expatriate and South Pacific islander. It is vital that we read carefully what our Pacific Island colleagues and long term missionaries write. These are not only lessons of the past, but will enable us to cope with the future.

Currow, Stephen (ed.) 2000, Revisioning Mission, Avondale Academic Press, Cooranbong, New South Wales.

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